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Verus Healthcare Announces Partnership with Persante Health Care

August 23, 2017 – Verus Healthcare, together with Persante Health Care, is announcing a partnership to expand CPAP therapy services in the Northeastern U.S. market. Verus Healthcare will be opening a new location in the current Persante CPAP space in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, and will be providing local support to patients and physicians.

As the CPAP industry continues to consolidate, a partnership between Persante Health Care and Verus Healthcare will offer a comprehensive experience for customers in the region, from initial sleep diagnostics, new machine set up with a local respiratory therapist and then subsequent supplies.

“This partnership provides a unique opportunity for better patient care in this market with each company focusing on their core strengths within the sleep industry,” said Richardson M. Roberts, CEO of Verus Healthcare. Adding to this statement, Joseph LaPorta, CEO of Persante Health Care said, “Persante will continue strengthening their position as a leading provider of diagnostic sleep management services to hospitals and physicians while Verus provides the CPAP service functions such as setups for new machines and ongoing resupply through their national call center.”

Both companies are leading providers in the sleep industry, each dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by investing in the best technologies for more efficient and effective service. “We’ve invested $2.5 million developing our proprietary workflow software called SNAP,” Roberts said. “It allows our employees to focus on the patients’ care, and has allowed us to scale to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.”

Verus Healthcare has partnered with over 180 CPAP companies throughout the U.S. and has recently began expanding its new setup program to include partnerships like the one with Persante. “We are a perfect partner for CPAP companies because we work with them as a team to provide great service and that has benefitted all involved,” Roberts said. “The results of these partnerships have been excellent but we will always strive to make our functionalities more user-friendly and, of course, our patients happier.”

About Verus Healthcare

Verus Healthcare, Inc. is a health care supply company located in Franklin, TN specializing in CPAP supplies. The Company provides direct to patient services to approximately 120,000 patients throughout the U.S. for their medical supplies through its national call center. Verus Healthcare is one of a very select group of companies to win Medicare competitive bid contracts in all 50 states for its products and the Company has managed care contracts covering all 50 states representing over 200 million patients in the United States. To learn more about the company please visit

About Persante Health Care

Persante Health Care, Mount Laurel, NJ is a national provider of sleep and balance center management services to hospitals, physicians and employers. The company serves many of the top hospitals in the country through its mission to increase access to testing, improve patient satisfaction while increasing program efficiencies. Persante also is the home to the internationally renowned Mid-Atlantic School of Sleep Medicine which is an accredited learning institution for clinicians and employees. To learn more about the company please visit

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